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Ibiza - How it all began
Today Ibiza is the worlds favourite party island. We all know about the famous clubs & hedonistic lifestyle (and more about that later), but it is much more than that.
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The Interview
House of Tequila Ambassador Megs DeMeulenaere recently went to Mexico for the Altos Tahona Society Final. She took a few moments to catch up with the two UK finalists.
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The Cordon Bleu Challenge
What were you doing in February 2001?
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BEAT GEEK – Interview with Jameson Ambassador Ronan Collins
Ronan Collins joins the BEAT to spread the good word of Irish Whiskey. To welcome him to the team, our Monkey 47 brand ambassador Mike Foster sat down with him for a chat.
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In-House syrups
This article will explore the pros and cons of making syrups in-house, as well as the best techniques to use to produce unique flavours.
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