Chelsie Bailey

Name - Chelsie Bailey

Age - 28

Bar - Red Light

City - Bristol

What’s the bar scene like in your city? - Bristol has a very diverse selection of bars and there's a bar for everyone.

What’s it like to be a bartender in your city? - I love being a bartender in Bristol, we have a great bar community with a whole range of different bartenders. We all have competitive banter but all support each other at the same time.

Are there a lot of jobs available? - There are always jobs available in Bristol, there are normally several bars hiring with few bartenders about or one bar hiring and several bartenders wanting that job. It's definitely a great city to move around different bars and gain a variety of different experiences.

Where are people drinking in your city? - Cider is always a winner in the West Country and gin is definitely popular at the moment! We've just had our first gin distillery open in the city centre ands its becoming very popular amongst the locals.

What’s it like to be a bartender at your level / experience? - It's all pretty exciting for me at the moment as I'm on a bit of a roll with competition wins and have been lucky enough over the past year to travel and compete globally. I always like to push myself to learn more and better myself as much as possible.

Does your job allow you a good lifestyle? - Bartending is a very sociable yet anti-sociable. I get to eat and drink the finer things in life as well as travel the world which is an awesome lifestyle to have, but working weekends means you miss out on friend and family events, luckily mine have always been very understanding.

Do wages cover the cost of a bartender lifestyle? - Yes, I like to think I live as comfortable as I can. I think I'm at that point in my career where I can live off my wages and try not to rely too hard on the tips.

Are you single / why / relationship / children? - I'm in a relationship.

Are wages good / tips? - The bartending wages in Bristol are quite good and each employer I have worked for so far have all been very generous with their staff benefits from staff discount to monthly bonuses if you win competitions. Tips no matter where you work are as good as you make them. The better the service the more likely guests are willing to leave you a gratuity. 


The Beat Society: Chelsie Bailey

What’s your plan or aspirations? - I would love to eventually own a bar, but right now I'm really keen to get my foot in the door of the ambassador world.

What’s your view on brand ambassadors? - Well I'm hoping to be one in the future so I'm pro brand ambassadors!                                        

Are brands working in the right way in your city? - Yes and no. I think if a brand has representatives that live in Bristol or that have visited the cocktail scene in Bristol and understand the scene and the way it's going then they will know how a brand will work and which ones wouldn't. Being a bar manager I find it off putting when a sales rep approaches me having no idea about Bristol and pushes a product that just isn't going to work.

Are brands on trend in your cities? - Yes I believe so, but I think this relates to the previous question. Brands trend due to what Bristol bartenders are drinking and also how much presence a brand has in the city.

Everyone usually wants to work in London, what’s your view on this?  - A part of me has always wanted to end up in London and a small part still does. However going back to the balanced lifestyle, Bristol means I'm close to my family and also the level of Bartending in Bristol means that I can achieve just as much as if I was in London.

Has anyone in the trade inspired you? - I think the main people in the trade that have inspired me are the generation of bartenders, Sarah Tring, Richard Tring, Matt Fairhurst, Sam Kershaw, Dee Davies I met when I first moved to Bristol. These guys introduced me to the world of Bartending as I know it now and have all helped me and been very supportive of my career so far.

Where do off duty bartenders drink in your city? - King Street or on the Gloucester Road. The bars along here are your craft beer and neighbourhood bars.

What’s your current drink of choice? - Definitely Chivas if I'm in need of a short. My go to pick me up drink has alway been a good old Daquiri!

What bar would you most like to go to in the world​? - Dead Rabbit, New York.

What’s the most you would pay for a cocktail? - I don't think I have a budget, obviously I couldn't afford a £5000 cocktail! I think it depends on the atmosphere, the company, the ingredients, the occasion... I honestly couldn't say!

What’s in that cocktail? - Something delicious I hope!

Why should you come and drink in your city in one sentence? - Because you will find a bar that you will fall in love with.

The Beat Society: Chelsie Bailey

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