The Cordon Bleu Challenge

What were you doing in February 2001? Myself, I was a 19 year-old teenager attending law school benches with the prospect of becoming an IP lawyer. Some others, I hear, were playing games behind the London bars. Turns out that 16 odd years down the line I am far from being an IP lawyer, though I am fully embracing the idea of a ‘new challenge’.
Let’s play!

Following a life changing trip to Cognac (that’s a little town in the South West of France) and a new-found love for the terroir of Borderies (that’s the smallest cru of the Cognac region, dearly cherished by the Martell House), the infamous Cordon Bleu Challenge was born.

What is this Cordon Bleu Challenge I’m going on about, you may ask?

Well, rumour has it that every Classic Cocktail in the book tastes better with Martell Cordon Bleu (that is the iconic Extra Old Cognac from the Martell House) and some London bartenders took it upon themselves to find out if this urban legend is true. Margarita, Mojito, Daiquiri, Martini, Manhattan, Cosmopolitan, Bleumble, Corpse Reviver #Bleu, you name it. Even the ‘Bleudy Mary’ has passedthe test with high distinction…!

Fun, right!? Challenging perceptions & pushing boundaries, redefining the rules & shaping new drinking experiences….

Not quite a cocktail competition, yet a bit more than just a game.

Follow my quest for the best Classic Cocktail made with Cordon Bleu on Instagram @SanMatthias and feel free to get involved using #CordonBleuChallenge. My current favourite is the Manhattan cocktail (also known as the Harvard when made with Cognac).

The Cordon Bleu Challenge
Post your classic cognac cocktails using Martell Cordon Bleu with the hashtag

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