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Welcome to the first ever edition of The BEAT Society

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the first ever edition of the The BEAT Society.

So after all those years in the shadows, my ambition to be the editor of my own publication has finally come true! Well, not actually true at all, and it’s never been my ambition as I’ve always wanted to be a rock star or a sniper. But it is very cool and very exciting and I really hope you like it.

Over the last two years we have been building the Brand Education and Ambassador Team (BEAT) -  An identity, a unity, a team, a vision of ambassadorial excellence, a collective of like-minded creative souls who embrace their brands and categories, and do everything they can to enhance and elevate the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of not only the fantastic spirits of Pernod Ricard, but our industry as a whole and the wonderful pleasure and enjoyment we bring to our customers and consumers.

We have created a fantastic digital education platform, the BEAT Magnificent 7 Academy has just started its second UK tour, we have pioneered the awesome #oldbarsuperstar and have truly bridged the often spectacularly large chasm between the worlds of spirits companies, bars and bartenders.

With the constantly evolving and changing dynamics of both our industry and modern bartending, the role of the ambassador has also continually changed and continually been challenged.


The Beat Society: Welcome to the first ever edition of The BEAT Society

I believe that the role of the brand ambassador today is very different to the 10 years I spent on the road.

I started out during a different era of bartending, one where syrups were innovative, fresh fruit was revolutionary and the world wasn’t quite yet flooded with the books of Ben Reed. These days, the demands on the brand ambassador are more challenging than ever as they are charged with being not only the link to the trade, but also representing the brand, being the face of the brand, being a great presenter, being great on film, being media trained and aligned to corporate communication, and giving interviews on brand politics and representation. They have to be super bartenders who can create brand strategies, drink strategies and knock up 100 new brilliant seasonal cocktails every year. 

Ambassadors also need to be a marketeer who can prepare 10 presentations a month and work to a budget, whilst understanding business performance and 9L case volume targets-versus-forecast, CM targets, and they have to do all of that whilst delivering 100-odd trainings a year all over the country or world in a whole host of accounts and on top of that they have to be cool, respected by their business and peers and expected to be a good husband or wife or parent on top of that!

It is a brave new world indeed, and a good ambassador is worth their weight in gold and should be truly valued and respected by all involved.

I am very lucky in that within the BEAT I have 7 brand ambassadors and they are all fantastic at what they do. We are all equal on this BEAT journey and are truly a team in every sense of the word.  We make decisions together, take the blows together and celebrate the wins together. I trust them all implicitly.

We are the BEAT.

We are very fortunate to own some of the finest and most iconic brands in the world such as Jameson and Red Breast Irish Whiskey, Chivas Blended Scotch Whisky, Absolut Vodka, Havana Club Rum, Martell Cognac, Beefeater, Plymouth and Monkey 47 Gins, Olmeca Tequilla and Perrier Jouet Champagne to name a few and as I have mentioned we have some of the most experienced, dedicated and professional ambassadors to work with them.

Our purpose: To share these very talented Brand Ambassadors with you and enable you to utilise their passion, knowledge and expertise.

Our mission: To deliver exceptional, tailored and flexible brand education to all of our customers and consumers and to truly bring our brands to life to ensure you both understand them and enjoy them. 

The BEAT will deliver innovative and engaging cocktail workshops, advise on creating and executing dynamic events and assist with drinks creation and menu development.

The Beat Society: Welcome to the first ever edition of The BEAT Society

We are here to help you flourish in your business, to help you create a thriving and successful operation and to help you create the right environment, the best drinks, menu and support for you and your customers in order for you to succeed in the challenging and competitive world of hospitality.

In a nutshell we want to work with you all, share insights and trends, invigorate, enthuse and help grow our magnificent community.

Now that we are clear in your minds, we decided to create a space to share the BEAT with you, our customers, our consumers, our family and friends.

This is not a trade website as such, we will leave that to the professionals - we will not be delivering trade news, openings and closings and reviews, etc. The BEAT Society is a place we can share all things BEAT. Where we can build a community and a kinship with the wonderful people we meet all over the country.

So we will be sharing events and photography, the wonderful drinks in the BEAT Libation, some fun and interesting interviews with industry folk and some cool reader interaction – you can even help choose the content by emailing us questions of things to investigate with Mike Foster our resident ‘BEAT Geek’ or is there anything at all you have ever wanted to know or find out about? If so email us your thoughts and you can Challenge Phil (not to be confused with Challenged Phil – different website) to research and explore all things trade related (be easy on him, he has a bad back!) #sicknote.

You can also, for the first time ever, have a look at the life of an ambassador and follow the teams every move on #prukbeat which follows the BEAT in their roles through the medium of picture and social media.

The BEAT Society will be a bi-monthly release and will have a new guest editor every edition – it could be one of the BEAT or it could be you!

All I ask is that you enjoy it, find it engaging, helpful, fun and we will appreciate any feedback! We will continually strive to improve The BEAT Society.

So much to share, much to explore and much to do.

I really appreciate your time, and we hope to see you somewhere very soon for a cocktail and a chat about, well, anything you want really…

All the very best.


Matt Pomeroy


BEAT Society Edition #1

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