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#1takedrinkmake - Megs Miller - Olmeca Altos Tequila
Did you ever think making a cocktail film was easy? Look out for the BEAT team and the #1takedrinkmake challenge. This episode is Megs Miller - Olmeca Altos Tequila
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Welcome to the first ever edition of The BEAT Society
So after all those years in the shadows, my ambition to be the editor of my own publication has finally come true! Well, not actually true at all, and it’s never been my ambition as I’ve always wanted to be a rock star or a sniper.
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Chelsie Bailey
We talk to up-and-coming bartenders about important and local issues. Issue one - Chelsie Bailey – Red Light, Bristol
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The BEAT 3 minute interview – Alex Kratena
Find out more about about the personalities in our industry in the BEAT three minute interview. Delivered over a cocktail or two of course. In this edition we speak to Alex Kratena.
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Challenge Phil!!
This is your opportunity to get Phil pounding The Beat (see what we did there) and taking on industry challenges. He is our man on the ground ready to investigate, or take on, your challenges or requests. Go easy on him!
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BEAT Geek: Understanding Rotary Evaporators
What is a Rotary Evaporator? A Rotary Evaporator (or ‘Rotovap’), is a device that is used primarily by chemists to remove and/or separate solvents from one another in a mixture.
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