Swedish Death Nettle

Swedish Death Nettle


  • 50 ml Absolut Elyx
  • 20 ml Thorntons Wild Nettle Cordial
  • 25 ml Fresh Lime Juice
  • 50 ml Chilled Wild Nettle Tea
  • Splash of Club Soda


All round flavour of nettle. The swetness and fruity notes, almost elderflower in quality comes from the cordial and being sweetned with apple juice just adds to it with the more earthy, nuttier notes, tanings and vegital note bieng brought in from the tea. Which is simple dried leaves. 


Glass: Highball

Garnish: Work in progress

Method: Build in highball with a splash of soda and give a stir. Add ice follwed with a top club soda

Swedish Death Nettle

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