Old Bar Superstar - Baltic

Old Bar Superstar

For those of you that don’t know, Old Bar Superstar was created to bring back original bar teams that we loved and are either no longer with us or the team has simply moved.  We wanted to have a space to experience those original teams in all their glory, the authentic sounds, the original drinks - and to really try to capture the essence of that particular venue and team in that moment in time.

So on this occasion after last year’s hugely brilliant re birth of Green and Red we decided to bring back the original bar team of Eastern European Super Bar Baltic.

The original team being Max (internationally recognised playboy), Warner, Robbie (Dick Turpin), Hitchcock, Woktek (The Beast), Karbowski and my little old self Matt Pomeroy. With assistance on this evening from current Bar Manager Karol (used to sprint for Poland) Trejelis.

We had a fantastic crowd come and support as we tried our best to re-create the slick and smooth bartending of the past, with some simple classics like the Warsaw ice tea, the Fawlty towers sour and the Polish martini. All washed down with shots of Wyborowa and Zubrowka, soaked up with pierogis, dumplings and giant sausages!

We remembered just how much work bartending is, but had an absolute scream none-the-less and I'm sure it was just like being back in 2001!

Baltic is still fantastic and going very strong, so if you haven't been get yourself down there for a vodka and a bite.

See you all soon for another edition of Old Bar SuperStar!

Old Bar Superstar
May 6th 2015

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